Pre-Orders are managed from your account when a deposit is placed and your order is confirmed, therefore it will be a good idea to make sure you are Registered for an account on our web-site, either before or after you have ordered. 

0.01p Deposits are a Pre-Order Allocation and are ofcourse fully refundable, payment with either PayPal, STRIPE or RAMA Points

Full Payment deposits can also completed via PayPal or STRIPE , you will also accrue RAMA Points by Paying in Full.

When stock relating to your order is incoming, you will receive an email notifcation to Log-In to your account and complete payment via your orders page within your account. New Customers please keep an eye on your junk/spam folders.

Pre-Orders for multiple products with different ETA's will not be held until the last item arrives unless you have instructed us to do so when you initially checked out by selecting "Do Not Split". An order with a status of Holding means that it is paid in full and being held at the customers request. An order with a status of Holding/Confirmed means that an item/s have arrived and is/are Holding with more items due to follow.

0.49p-£20 Pre-Orders are non-refundable if you decide to cancel.

Orders must be settled within 7 days of receipt of the final payment notification, If no Payment is received within 7 days the order will automatically cancel and your order will be unallocated. If you are unable to pay within this time frame, please do not hesitate to email or contact us at the earliest opportunity.



What is Pre-Order?

Pre-order means purchasing an item before it is available, with the agreement that the item will be shipped at a later release date advised by the manufacturer.

Terms Of Pre-Order

ETA's (Estimated Time of Arrival) can vary and are not guaranteed.

We list the date given by manufacturer, but delays can and do happen. We cannot cancel your pre-order, even if delays are substantial, so please take this into account when ordering.

We regularly update the product listing on our web-site with the latest ETA.

Many items are produced in limited quantities. Pre-Ordering looks to ensure that you obtain one of the limited numbers produced.

What happens when I Pre-Order?

Upon receiving your Pre-Order, we will place an order with the distributor for your item. The manufacturer then ensures that the item is shipped to us when it's ready.

Why are some pre-order ship dates so far away?

A number of manufacturers produce items in batches according to demand. The manufacturing process takes considerable time as the items are often hand made & painted.

Is the price you list the final price I will pay?

Most of the time the guide price will be correct but the price can vary due to exchange rate variance on imported stock, you will be notified if for some reason the exchange rate changes significantly.

Are Pre-Orders guaranteed to arrive?

Most of the time they are very reliable. However, the manufacturer can sometimes run into production or licensing problems and very occasionally items are delayed .

What is a Back Order?

Back Orders are normally used on Action Figures that have been released and are on back-order with the supplier/manufacturer.