SWARM Trooper Action Force 1/12 by Valaverse


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After the fall of the United States, each state government maintains order by declaring themselves an independent republic within their territories. Many of these republics were left with minimal or no military assets for defense, making them vulnerable to attack by rival republics. To counter this threat, REDACTED introduced a solution called the Swarm. The Swarm is a paramilitary group controlled by REDACTED and is comprised of former military personnel from both the U.S. and foreign nations. Swarm troopers undergo surgery to install neural implants in their brain, allowing them to interface as a group, much like a hive of insects. This allows each team member to receive real time information, and react faster as a team, rather than as an individual. The cost for utilizing these highly trained mercenaries is high, and REDACTED exacts a significant toll on its customers, and their control of their republics, making them a pawn in a larger game.

Action Force 1/12 Scale