Storm Shadow White Ghost 1/6 GI Joe by threezero


Early/Mid Oct 2021
Price: £ 139.99
£ 139.99 each

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  • Spectacular 12-inch tall Storm Shadow action figure!
  • Features 22 points of articulation, realistic seamless arms, and fabric hand-tailored costuming!
  • Highly detailed, he comes with interchangeable hands and various weapons.
  • He's fast, so catch him while you can!

The next installment in the G.I. Joe 1:6 scale collection of articulated figures redesigned by Threezero as inspired by Hasbro's retro G.I. Joe characters is this spectacular G.I. Joe Storm Shadow 1:6 Scale Action Figure. Standing roughly 12-inches tall, Storm Shadow features a fully articulated body with 22 points of articulation, realistic seamless arms, fabric hand-tailored costuming, and high attention to detail. This prominent character in the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero franchise comes dressed in tactical vest with posable fabric hood, bracers, trousers, utility belt, crossbody belt, gaiters, and boots… and loadout of accessories (see below). He's fast, so catch him while you can!

Storm Shadow's accessories include:
1x Nunchaku
1x Recurve Bow
2x Quivers
2x Kwo Katana with sheath
3x Tactical pouches
4x Arrows
5x Pairs of interchangeable hands (fists, relaxed, a pair for holding nunchaku, a pair for holding katana, a pair for holding bow and arrows)

Although he has a conflicted loyalty between the Cobra Organization and G.I. Joe, Storm Shadow is most known as the ninja bodyguard for the villainous Cobra Commander and for his shared history and bloodline with Snake Eyes. Highly trained in longbow, katana, and nunchaku, Storm Shadow moves at lightning speed and is a formidable opponent.

Ages 17+

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