STEEL Brigade Action Force 1/12 by Valaverse


Early/Mid Dec (From the US)
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Action Force 1/12 Scale

The Steel Brigade is the code name for the support squadron within Action Force and is comprised of eighty shooters trained as the unit’s own QRF, or Quick Reaction Force. Hailing back to the days in Vietnam of the MIKE FORCE, the Steel Brigade is the only unit of its kind, capable of providing an armed support element to the primary assault force during a mission. Each shooter is highly trained in small arms, and small team tactics. Like the members of Action Force, the Steel Brigade shooters must also pass their own selection course, as well as mission specific training in Close Quarters Battle, and Hostage Rescue. They are experts at Airborne and Air Assault operations, with many of their members being veterans of both the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions. No matter the mission, when Action Force goes wheels up, the men and women of the Steel Brigade stand ready to drop on target, defend the force, and destroy their enemies at all cost.