KERAK Action Force 1/12 by Valaverse


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Action Force 1/12 Scale



Reginald Richards was a career Army officer who enlisted not because of a desire to serve his country, but rather because of his own indignation towards his family. Richards grew up in a wealthy home, afforded to him by his family’s investment in and control of a sizable oil refinery in Texas. Richards felt slighted by his family and believed that he was being left out of the family inheritance, so rather than confront them directly, he unexpectedly enlisted in the Army.

His college degree guaranteed him a slot at Officer Candidate School where he graduated with top honors. Not satisfied with leading an infantry platoon, Richards pursued a secondary MOS, this time in Psychological Operations. His career change took his superiors by surprise, much like his enlistment did with his family. Richards learned early on how not to leave a trail, and how to out think his opponents before killing them. His brutal tactics earned him a reputation in combat, but he didn’t stop there, as he used his cunning and imagination to create havoc with his foes back home as well.

When the United States fractured, New Colonia sought out Richards based on his exemplarily yet vicious military record. Richards took up the mantel of Kerak and led The Garrison as a medieval army waging an all-out war of his own and kill anyone who got in his way. He would use the same psychological warfare tactics that he had learned in the Army, in order to strike fear into the hearts and minds of his enemies, and coerce them into showing their hand, and letting him have what was in it all at the same time.