Golden Dog (COALDOG) PES022 by Damtoys 1/12


Early July 2021
Price: £ 98.99
£ 98.99 each

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[Damtoys x Coal Dog] GOLDEN DOG – Death Gas Station series 1/12 action figure - PES022
Death Gas Station

Not by the remote roads with no signs.
Wandering souls
All came here –
Needing a short stay.

Fugitive, Old Hiker, Elvis, Lost Traveler, Dismissed Driver...
This is Death Gas Station
Notes from Designer ParkZhi:

It might be a mistake for the west coast style Golden Dog to be born in this world. Those days of sleeping and picking up bones casually on the streets were over as time goes by. And it’s hard to say whether the present Golden Dog is a man or a dog, even he himself could not know the answer. Of course, it depends on how the comic plot plays out.

Golden Dog is a great value 1/12 action figure for players. The two heads bring about two completely different styles and ways of play. For this toy we add firearm for the first time in the Death Gas Station series, but we can’t make sure that the dim-witted Golden Dog is a sharpshooter. In addition, we've changed the head’s open-close way to the side. And the pistol also added a display board for the comic shooting effect.

* Gold Accessory
A total of 20 sets in mystery version with different color of Golden Dog are included this time, and in addition to the difference in matching color and costume color, each of the mystery version uses a dog tag (AU375+AU750) made of pure gold with a unique number.


Artworks and stories surrounding Golden Dog will be updated on platforms such as our official Weibo account @CoalDog煤厂黑狗, interested friends can follow Coal Dog. Final product is still produced by the skillful toy manufacturer @Damtoys.

Golden Dog comes with:
action head
action body
dogman (The head is interchangeable with the main body head)
dog tag (The dog tag of hidden version is made of old AU375+AU750)
hot dog
pistol x2
hand x6
dog leash
signage for pistol x2
signage for head
stand-by articulation
storage bag for outdoors shooting