Robin Earth 22 Set of 3 (Dark Knights: Metal) DC by McFarlane Toys

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Hailing from Earth -22, this is one of three young boys who were infected by the absolutely nightmarish Batman Who Laughs to become his own band of twisted Robins. Kept on a chainlink leash, this sinister sidekick follows the evil Dark Knight’s bidding, fighting tooth and claw alongside

the other Robins to take down any enemy.

Product Features

Robin Earth -22TM figure is based on the Dark Nights: Metal comic book event
The Robin from Earth -22 figure comes with an attached metal leash and a base
Figure includes 1 of 4 pieces that, when combined with the remaining pieces, will assemble the Batman TM of Earth -12, aka The Merciless TM
The Earth -22 Robins feature randomly assorted heads sculpted with 3 unique expressions. Find all 3 to build your own Crow army!
Collect all additional figures! Superman TM (The Infected), Batman TM (Dark Nights: Metal), and The Batman Who Laughs with Sky Tyrant Wings. Figures sold separately

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