Iron Man Mark 3 Marvel Infinity Saga DLX 1/12 Scale by threezero

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Q3/4 2022
Price: £ 109.99
£ 4.99 each

Marvel Studios: The Infinity Saga
DLX Iron Man Mark 3
threezero and Marvel Studios are proud to present the DLX Iron Man Mark 3, the next model in the Marvel DLX series. The product accurately restores Tony Stark's classic red and gold color matching battle armor, and threezero's meticulous multi-layer coating process makes it more vivid.

The movable body of the DLX Iron Man Mark 3 is about 6.9 inches tall (about 17.5 cm), has 48 movable joints, and contains an alloy skeleton. The structure is exquisitely designed and the components are exquisite, which perfectly restores various action poses while maintaining a realistic appearance.

The DLX Iron Man Mark 3 features LED lighting on the chest and eyes*, while the 4 panels on the back flip open and close like wings. The accessories have 5 pairs of interchangeable hands and 2 missiles that can be fixed on the two forearms. Also included are effect parts for shooting and flying poses, as well as a DLX action mount.
Product Features:

Approx. 6.9" high (~17.5 cm)
48 articulations
4 panels on the back that can be opened
(5) pairs of interchangeable hands Types: (1) for fist, (1) for loose hand, (1) for shooter, (1) for shooter for assembling shooting effect accessories and (1) for flyer
(2) for arm only Missiles
(2) Pair Effect Accessories: (1) Pair Shooting Effect and (1) Pair Flight Effect (Foot)
(1) Action Stand
*LED Lighting Function

* (4) AG1 button batteries are required (the product does not include batteries)

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