Baki Hanma 1/12 Scale (Baki Netflix) by Storm Collectibles

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Q4 2022
Price: £ 89.99
£ 2.05 each

Proudly presented and produced by STORM COLLECTIBLES, the collectible action figure series of "BAKI", which is being distributed on NETFLIX, is now available for pre-order !
The first character is the underground arena champion "Baki Hanma"!
Fully articulated body, replaceable hand head sculpts and hands, reproduce all action poses in the play. The shorts are made with fabric material. It is a must-collect item for all the collectible figure fans.
The series of this collection of "Baki" will be three characters.
Don’t miss it!
Baki collectible action figure features :
- 4 x Interchanging Head Sculpt
- 5 x Pair of Hands
- Fabric Trunks

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