Old Bone 1 /12 COALDOG PES021 by Damtoys

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Damtoys x Coal Dog OLD BONE – Death Gas Station series 1/12 action figure (PES021)

About D.G.S
Not by the remote roads with no signs.
Wandering souls
All came here –
Needing a short stay.

Fugitive, Old Hiker, Elvis, Lost Traveler, Dismissed Driver...
This is Death Gas Station

D.G.S- The story of Death Gas Station

Final product contains printed short comics

creative: Park & Zo.

Notes from Designer Park:
Old Bone has nothing to do, nor does he need to do anything. It is a miracle that such an old model can run, even if just barely. No one knows how long he has been at this gas station. It's been so long that he himself has forgot. He somehow stayed here, filling up every passing fuel tank, sending off all kinds of people. On Old Bone’s armband is a lit match, strangely as if it was always smoking at the gas station. (Do not imitate this design )

While maintaining the excellent play value of the D.G.S series, we have added metal parts to the accessories for the first time. This gives the hip flask and wrench more texture and weight in your hands.

Artworks and stories surrounding Old Bones will be updated on platforms such as @CoalDog’s Weibo, interested friends can follow Coal Dog. Final product is still produced by the skilful toy manufacturer @Damtoys