2019 Addams Family 5 Point Figure Set

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£ 88.99 each

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Size: 3 3/4" tall.


  • Introducing 5 Points - Mezco’s upgrade to the articulated action figures of yesteryear. 
  • These highly detailed, poseable action figures feature some of pop culture’s most familiar faces, both old and new.
  • 5 Points present: The Addams Family. The first family of Halloween, the Addams Family are the kookiest on the block and redefine what it means to be a good neighbor.
  • The 5 Points Addams Family Set are packaged in duos on retro blister cards, perfect for display. 
  • Thing comes packaged within each duo.

 Set to include:

  • 1x Fester, Pugsley & Thing.
  • 1x Lurch, It & Thing.
  • 1x Gomez, Morticia & Thing.
  • 1x Grandma, Wednesday & Thing.

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