Death Watch Mandalorian 1/6 Star Wars by Hot Toys

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Q4 2021
Price: £ 244.99
£ 19.99 each


During a Separatist attack on the settlement of Aq Vetina™, the young Din Djarin™ was under attack by super battle droids, but before any harm could come to the boy, a group of Death Watch Mandalorians arrived to take out the droids and rescue Din.

With a new season of the highly anticipated The Mandalorian debuting soon, Hot Toys is delighted to expand The Mandalorian collectible series further and officially introducing the new Death Watch Mandalorian Sixth Scale Collectible Figure today!

The highly-accurate collectible figure is specially crafted based on the appearance of the Death Watch Mandalorian who rescued the young Din Djarin in the show. It features highly detailed helmet and armour pieces with weathering effects, a skilfully tailored outfit, finely sculpted jetpack with real-like thruster fire accessories, two blasters, and a figure base.


The Death Watch Mandalorian Sixth Scale Collectible Figure features:

Authentic and detailed likeness of Death Watch Mandalorian in the live-action series The Mandalorian
Newly developed Death Watch Mandalorian helmet and finely crafted body armour in blue colour with rank insignia
Specially applied weathering effects on armour, weapons, and accessories
Approximately 30cm tall
Body with over 30 points of articulations
Six pieces of interchangeable gloved hands
One blue coloured battle damaged chest armour
One dark brown-coloured under-suit with shoulder armours and thigh guards
One grey coloured vest with armours
One pair of blue-coloured gauntlets
One brown-coloured leather-like utility belt with a pistol holster
One pair of blue-coloured knee armours
One pair of leather-like black-coloured boots with weathering effect
One interchangeable blue coloured left thigh guard
One blaster rifle
One blaster pistol
One magnetically attachable blue jetpack with two (2) real-like thruster fire accessories
Specially designed dynamic figure stand with Star Wars logo and character nameplate