Anakin Skywalker The Clone Wars - TV Masterpiece Series 1/6 by Hot Toys

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ETA: Q1 2022
Price: £ 269.99
£ 19.99 each


Jabba the Hutt's kidnapped son is being held in a B'omarr™ Monastery built on top of a cliff. Anakin Skywalker™ begins the difficult ascent with battle droids firing down on him. So he makes a daring move and leaps onto a STAP, throws the battle droid from the vehicle, and races up the sheer wall. In the expansion of our Star Wars collectible series, Hot Toys present the Anakin Skywalker Sixth Scale Collectible Figure from Star Wars: The Clone Wars™!

Masterfully crafted based on the appearance of Anakin Skywalker in highly-acclaimed animation series, the sixth scale collectible figure features a head sculpt with striking likeness, finely tailored costume, and a set of beautifully designed armour guards for alternative styles. His signature LED light-up lightsabre, a number of interchangeable hands, a thermal detonator, a hologram projector, and several hologram figures representing Ahsoka Tano™, Yoda™, and Obi Wan Kenobi™ round out the set so you can take on the droid armies.

This new Anakin Skywalker collectible figure will surely be a phenomenal masterpiece to add to all Star Wars fans’ collection!


Authentic and detailed likeness of Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Newly painted head sculpt with face scar, highly-accurate facial expression, and detailed skin texture
Newly sculpted medium length hair sculpture
Body with over 30 points of articulations
Approximately 31 cm tall
Six pieces of interchangeable hands
Each piece head sculpt is hand-painted
One grey coloured chest guard
One pair of grey coloured shoulder guards
One navy coloured tunic
One burgundy coloured under-tunic
One pair of burgundy-coloured pants
One dark brown-coloured leather-like belt
One pair of dark brown-coloured leather-like textured boots
One interchangeable iron black coloured chest guard with dark brown coloured cape
One pair of interchangeable iron black coloured shoulder guards
One LED-lighted blue lightsabre (blue light, battery operated)
One blue lightsabre blade in motion (attachable to the hilt)
One lightsabre hilt
One hologram figure of Ahsoka Tano
One hologram figure of Yoda
One hologram figure of Obiwan Kenobi
One holoprojector
One thermal detonator
Specially designed figure stand and with character nameplate and Star Wars logo