30 Minute Missions Eexm-17 Alto Gray 1:144 Scale Model Kit


Nov 2021
Price: £ 16.99
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£ 0.01 each

Continuing the celebration of the 15th Anniversary of Gundam SEED Destiny is the HGCE Infinite Justice! Utilizing a new hip structure, a wider range of movement is achieved to recreate its kicking movements in the TV Anime! The Gundam SEED Destiny #231 Gundam Infinite Justice HGCE 1:144 Scale Model Kit includes Beam Rifle, 2x Beam Sabers, Beam Carry shield with boomerang, energy shield, and claw gimmick, and beam blade effect parts for the Fantom-01 backpack and legs. Measures about 5 1/10-inches tall.

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