Majin Boo - EVIL - DragonBall Z Action Figure by S.H. Figuarts


Jan 2023
Price: £ 44.99
Categories: Dragonball  S.H. Figuarts  Pre-Orders  
£ 2.05 each

S.H.Figuarts, always dedicated to capturing both the posability and form of popular characters, is proud to announce the arrival of Majin Buu -EVIL-! In keeping with his evil countenance, the set includes plenty of parts to let you recreate your favorite scenes. It also includes an extra head for the S.H.Figurarts Majin Buu -GOOD- figure (sold separately) to further enhance your display possibilities! This set includes two optional heads, three sets of optional hands, the optional Majin Buu -GOOD- head, and head effect parts.

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