Guerrilla Gorilla 20 cm TMNT Ultimates by Super7


April 2023
Price: £ 69.99
Categories: Animated  TMNT  Super 7  Pre-Orders  
£ 2.05 each

When it comes to illegal logging in the Amazon, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' ally Guerrilla Gorilla won't stand for any monkey business! This highly articulated ULTIMATES! Figure of Guerrilla Gorilla is a massive 8" tall and 7.6" wide, features premium detail and comes with interchangeable heads & hands and other iconic accessories, including his Banana Bazooka, Monkey Machine Gun, and Banandolier. No monkeying around, the chance to get the made-to-order Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ULTIMATES! Guerrilla Gorilla figure won't hang around for long, so swing on over to the order button and get yours today!


- 2x interchangeable heads
- 10x interchangeable hands
- 3x Grenade
- 1x Monkey Machine Gun
- 1x Banana Bazooka with Coconut Ammo
- 1x Banandolier with 7x bananas
- 1x Removable Helmet
- 1x Combat Knife
- 1x Dog Tags
- 1x Pair of Ape-iator Sunglasses

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