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AVP Requiem 2 Wolf Predator 1:18 Action Figure by HiYa Toys


Jan 2022
Price: £ 20.99

The hero Yautja from 2007's Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem, named Wolf for by the fixer character from Pulp Fiction, this Predator is of elite rank, and is marked by his scarred face and missing tusk. Hiya Toys debuts this heavily-armed hunter with this 1:18 scale figure derived from ADI's design. Wolf stands about 4-INCHES tall and features many accessories standard to Predators, including wristblades, plasmacaster, and shruriken. But it's Wolf's whip and handmade plasma pistol that set him apart from the pack! Wolf also comes with multiple hands, as well as a pegged stand for ease in posing.

£ 0.01 each

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