Tracks G1 Transformers Ultimates (Wave 2) by Super7


Sept 2022
Price: £ 55.99
£ 55.99 each

Tracks is totally awesome! Just ask him, he'll tell you! Considering that his non-robot transformations are a sports car AND a jet plane, it's kinda hard to argue with him. The Transformers ULTIMATES! figure of Tracks features G1 accurate paint deco and interchangeable heads and hands, measuring in at 7 3/4-inches in height when fully equipped with his wings and missiles. With an arsenal of weapons and other accessories inspired by both the cartoon and the vintage toy, this Autobot diva is equipped to the nines! Love to hate him or hate to love him, either way, he's a key member of the Autobots- and seeing that he once risked his life defending San Francisco, he's near and dear to Super7's heart. Accessories include:
Regular head
Evil Alien Robot Head
6x interchangeable hands
Tank (vintage toy inspired)
Ion blaster (vintage toy inspired)
Ion blaster (cartoon inspired)
Blaster boombox