Super Saiyan God Vegito Super DragonBall by S.H. Figuarts_

Price: £ 62.99
£ 62.99 each

SUPER SAIYAN GOD SUPER SAIYAN VEGITO-SUPER- appears with completely new modeling! A variety of parts are included, such as a calm smile face, gritted a tooth face for action scene, and a shouting face expression that can be used in the Kamehameha scene. Includes "Final Kamehameha" parts, a special technique. Furthermore, since the "Spirit Sword" used in the battle with ZAMASU can be attached and detached in the middle, two patterns can be reproduced a normal state and a state penetrating the body of "S.H.Figuarts ZAMASU -POTARA-.The set includes the figure,three optional face parts, four optional right hands, five optional left hands, Spirit Sword, Final Kamehameha.

It stands approx. 14 cm tall and comes in a window box.

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