Toxie Deluxe Toxic Crusaders Glow in the Dark by Super7

Price: £ 45.99

Toxie is ready to clean up!

And he'll do it while he glows in the dark!
Exclusive based on the 1990s Toxic Crusaders cartoon and toy line.
Comes with Blobbie, a flag mop, an alternate head, a shield, and a bunch of accessoriesBased on the hit 1990s cartoon and toy line, this awesome 6-inch scale Toxic Crusaders Glow in the Dark Toxie Deluxe 6-Inch Action Figure - This Exclusive is ready clean up this town all day and all night. Complete with Blobbie, a flag map, an alternate head, a shield, and a whole suite of accessories, the glowing green mutant is here to save the world while also making it just a little bit cleaner… and brighter, because Toxie and his gear are cast in glow-in-the-dark green plastic!

£ 45.99 each

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