Steelwill (SilverHawks Ultimates Wave 2) by Super7


October 2022
Price: £ 49.99
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£ 0.01 each

One half of the Hart Twins, Sgt. Will Hart - AKA Steelwill - and his cyborg modifications give him enhanced speed, agility, and strength to take on even the mighty Mumbo Jumbo! This made-to-order 7-inch scale fully articulated SilverHawks ULTIMATES! figure of Steelwill features premium detail and comes with interchangeable heads and hands, and a variety of other accessories, including weapons, wings and a pair of Stronghold figures. Steelwill isn't just muscle and a steel jawline, he's also got the smarts to invent the SilverHawks' Fighting Hawks! You won't need to invent a reason to add Steelwill to your collection, so snag this Steelwill ULTIMATES! figure before it flies away!

Accessories include:
3x interchangeable heads
10x interchangeable hands
2x Winged arms
2x Alternate shoulders
4x Laser effects
2x Stronghold figures
1x Streamer blaster with effect
1x Screamer blaster
1x Alternate Screamer blast effect

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