Rebel Soldiers 2-Pack 1/12 Metal Slug III by Tunshi Studio

Shipping Included

Q1/2 2022
Price: £ 164.99
£ 4.99 each

Product Ratio: 1/12 (Approximately 15cm Tall)
Product Materials: PVC, ABS, POM, ALLOY, CLOTH
Product Content:
2 x Rebel Soldier Head Sculpts
2 x Rebel Soldier Bodies with Painting (Including Some Alloy Parts)
2 x Rebel Soldier’s Cloths (Including Military Uniform and Leather Belt)
2 x Rebel Soldier Helmets
12 x Hands
2 x Infantry Packs with Radiotelephones
2 x Pairs of Boots
1 x Pistol
1 x Dagger
1 x Rifle
1 x Saber
1 x Shield
1 x Grenade
1 x M1 Bazooka
1 x Gatling (Including a Heavy Minigun and a Back-Mounted Ammo Supply)
2 x Bases
2 x Brackets

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