Optimus Prime Transformers Ultimates (Wave 1) by Super7


Feb 2022
Price: £ 55.99
£ 0.01 each

There is no better way to roll out a new collection of Transformers than with the leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime! Based on his look from the original G1 cartoon, this 7.75" highly-articulated deluxe action figure is made-to-order and includes a variety of unique interchangeable parts, like his G1 toy-accurate head, his jetpack, a surfboard, and a basketball (!) recreate Optimus Prime's basketball game from “The Master Builders” episode, catch a giant wave as seen in “The Ultimate Doom,” or get him under control with Energon restraints as seen in “SOS Dinobots!” His amazing set of accessories also includes an Energon Axe, Matrix of Leadership, and Ion Blaster. Last but certainly not least, Optimus Prime is accompanied by a miniature Spike Witwicky! Optimus Prime will come with:

  • 1 Fully Articulated body
  • Alternate Toyetic head
  • Energy Restraints
  • Energon Axe
  • Surfboard
  • Jetpack
  • Matrix of Leadership
  • Basketball
  • Spike Witwicky
  • Ion Blaster
  • 2 Open Hands
  • 1 Gripping Hand
  • 1 Pointing Hand


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