Mutagen Ultimates TMNT by Super7

Price: £ 49.99
Categories: TMNT  Super 7  
£ 49.99 each

Each 7-inch articulated deluxe TMNT action figure is intricately painted and features a massive cache of weapons and interchangeable accessories. Each figure come with an alternative set hands for highly posable play and display, plus a fully loaded weapons rack. Each figure will also come with a PAINTED set of rack accessories in addition to an UNPAINTED set still on their rack.

The Non-Stop Mutating Monster, Mutagen Man, comes with:

  • Fist Hands (2)
  • Gripping hands (2)
  • Mutagen Machine Gun
  • Life Support System
  • Skull Plug
  • Fish
  • Wrench
  • Eyeball
  • Turtle
  • Pizza
  • Apple Core
  • Bone
  • Unpainted Gooey Garbage Rack will include: Fish, Wrench, Eyeball, Turtle, Pizza, Apple Core, and Bone.

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