LURTZ 1/8 LOTR LOTR8IN003 Figure by Asmus Toys

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£ 54.99 each

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Category: 8 inch action figure
Product ID: LOTR8IN003
Size: 8" tall / 20cm
Material: PVC / ABS
Product Description

This is a limited articulated plastic action figure designed in dynamic pose. The idea behind the design is not to let the articulations destroy the aesthetic presentation of the perfect sculpture, the designated articulations allow the collectors to turn the head or swing the arms and also maintain the expressive look as a whole.

Lurtz will be the first figure of the series to come in the LOTR/HOBT franchise. There will be more heroes and monsters to join the line.

Product features
· 8 inch (20.32cm) scale
· Made of plastic
· Designed in dynamic pose with limited articulation of 5 points,
· Highly detailed
· This is the first of the upcoming series of LOTR/HOBT action figures.
Box Contents
· A Lurtz figure
· A sword
· A shield
· A Base
· Coloured window box per figure

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