Locust Disciple Action Figure (Gears of War) by Storm Collectibles

Price: £ 69.99
Categories: TV/Movies/Game  
£ 69.99 each

Featured in the upcoming Gears Tactics game – The Disciple is a ferocious Locust Drone unleashed upon the Coalition of Ordered Governments…
During the early days of the Locust War, the lead scientist of the Locust Horde, Ukkon, harnessed the power of Imulsion to build his army.
He experimented with the Locust Drones to create the Imulsion-infused Disciple.
Each Disciple wears an injection harness that delivers a continual flow of Imulsion into their bodies, amplifying the power of their attacks and granting them increased resilience and strength. These enhanced Drones form the fierce and unrelenting front-line of Ukkon's army.

x1 Disciple – Locust Drone Head Sculpt
x1 Sniper Goggle
x1 Cyclops Helmet
x1 Boomshot
x1 Longshot Sniper Rifle
x1 Boltok Pistol
x3 Pair of hands


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