Kait Diaz (GOW) by Storm Collectibles

Price: £ 58.99
Categories: TV/Movies/Game  
£ 58.99 each

Newly designated Corporal Diaz was raised outside the safety of the COG walls, instilling in her the resourcefulness and tenacity of her Outsider kin. Even after her induction into the COG, her true loyalties are unknown, even to her.

Product Features:
  *   3 x Interchangeable head sculpts
     *   Kait Diaz
     *   Kait Diaz w/ snow goggles
     *   Kait Diaz Outsider
  *   1x Mark 3 Lancer Assault Rifle
  *   1x Gnasher
  *   1x Talon Autopistol
  *   1x Kait's necklace
  *   5 x Pair of Interchangeable hands

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