Heisei Biollante Godzilla Ultimates 8-Inch Action Figure by Super7

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May 2023
Price: £ 89.99
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£ 2.05 each

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Anyone can sympathize with Dr. Shiragami's desperate attempt to preserve his daughter Erika, but tampering with her DNA was only destined for disaster, as evidenced by the monstrous rose-hybrid that became known as Biollante. Measuring 8-inches tall, 8-inches long, and 10-inches wide with its vines reaching out, this Toho ULTIMATES! figure depicts Biollante in its rose form with articulated vines and leaves, featuring premium detail based on its appearance in the 1989 film Godzilla vs Biollante. This terrifying monster is a result of mixing human, rose, and Godzilla's DNA- how will the King of the Monsters defeat a foe as formidable as itself? For a Kaiju collector, the real terror would be missing out on adding this made-to-order Toho ULTIMATES! Biollante figure to their collection!

Accessories include:
2x interchangeable heads
6x articulated attacking vines
2x removable vine heads (with poseable jaws)
2x battle-damaged vine heads (with poseable jaws)

Ages 18+

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