Goofy (Mirrorverse) Disney 5inch by McFarlane

Price: £ 14.99
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£ 14.99 each

Disaster seems to follow Goofy everywhere in the Mirrorverse, but he either doesn’t mind or doesn’t notice! Stellar Magic has greatly amplified his luck, so it doesn’t matter whether he uses a precision weapon or just tosses something over his shoulder, he always manages to hit his mark. Gawrsh!

Product Features:

Based on the Disney Mirrorverse mobile game
Designed with up to 10 points of articulation for pose and play
Goofy includes his boomarang and holster
Packaged in a card backed blister designed with Disney Mirrorverse artwork
Includes collectible art card with Disney Mirrorverse artwork on the front, and character biography on the back
Collect all Disney Mirrorverse Figures from McFarlane Toys

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