EM-208 Enforcement Droids (Robocop 4) by HiYa Toys

Price: £ 34.99
Categories: Robcop  Hiya Toys  TV/Movies/Game  
£ 34.99 each

From the 2014 remake of the classic 80's flick, Robocop, Hiya Toys presents a 2-pack of fully articulated 1/18th scale OmniCorp EM-208 Enforcement Droids! Their highly detailed mechanical designs are based directly on the O-Shield armor from the film, and the set includes interchangeable hands and pistols to pose them defending the peace or in fighting poses! Each 1/18 Scale EM-208 figure stands about 4 1/2" tall. Add this unique set to your Robocop collection today!

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