Electro-Charger 7 inch Scale Thundercats Ultimates Vehicle by Super7

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April 2023
Price: £ 149.99
Categories: ThunderCats  Super 7  Pre-Orders  Over £75  
£ 4.99 each

Chaser First Class Mandora, doesn't chase galactic criminals in just any beat-up law enforcement cruiser, she uses the amazing Electro-Charger to bring evil-doers to justice! This highly detailed ThunderCats ULTIMATES! Electro-Charger vehicle can hold multiple 7-inch scale ULTIMATES! figures while they campaign for justice and comes with an assortment of helpful crime-fighting accessories. It also features retractable rolling, grippy wheels and kickstand as well as a clear flight stand so that it can be displayed as a planetary wheeled vehicle or "in-flight" as an intergalactic flying machine. Keep the bad guys on the run by adding the limited edition Electro-Charger to your armada of ThunderCats ULTIMATES! vehicles. (Action figure sold separately.)

1x Soap Sprayer with Canister
1x Soap Effect
1x Swappable buttons control panel
1x Radio with cord
1x clear flight stand
2x Wheel/Fuselage removable panels (conceals wheels)

Ages 3+

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