Son Goku's Harahachibunme Accessory Set Dragon Ball Z by SHF

Price: £ 32.99
£ 32.99 each

Re-create dynamic dining scenes with Son Goku's Hara Hachibunme restaurant set! Designed for the S.H.Figuarts series, it includes a table, chairs, and plenty of food dishes and drinks -- an instant party, ready for your tabletop or display! It also includes a food-gulping expression part for the S.H.Figuarts Son Goku - A Saiyan Raised On Earth - (sold separately). Chopsticks and forks are included, too, expanding your posing possibilities!

Set Contents: Background sheet, one right and two left option hands for S.H.Figuarts Son Goku - A Saiyan Raised On Earth -, Expression part for S.H.Figuarts Son Goku - A Saiyan Raised On Earth - , Furniture set, Food set, Tableware set

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