Paper Effect Fighting Spirit B Gold 1/12 by PEPATAMA


August 2020
Price: £ 9.99

No need of cutting, painting and gluing, by using same technologies as the PAPER-DIORAMA series, our PAPER-EFFECT series has also been renewed!
As the 1st product release of the reborn PAPER-EFFECT series, we bring you fighting-spirit effect parts with a new design and in two different colors!
The new shape is much more complicated but no worries, the templates are all pre-cut! Also this new effect parts can not only be used as fighting-spirit effect, but also can be used as shockwave effect and explosion effects! What's more, by using "DEBRIS-A CONCRETE" of the PAPER-DIORAMA series together with this fight-spirit effect, you can power up the effect to an even more dynamic level!
We wish you will have great fun with the reborn PAPER-EFFECT series, and please kindly keep an eye on our future products!

Product features:
・Laser-cutting is applied to all the templates so there is no need of cutting or painting work.
・Easy-to-build buckle and slot structure is applied, no need of gluing.
・PP coating is applied to both sides of the templates to enhance water resistance and durability.

Figure in NOT included.

£ 0.01 each

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