Black Falcon The Worst ULTIMATES! Wave 2 by Super7


April 2023
Price: £ 51.99
Categories: Horror  Super 7  
£ 2.05 each

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Abandon Hope! Black Falcon, the Undead Warlord of Doom, rides this way, inflicting immortal agony on all in his path! The frightful fiend feels no pain and knows no remorse, driven only to eternal battle and craving only the slow death rattle of his sworn enemy – everyone! Wandering aimlessly throughout the land, Black Falcon is cursed to live, and lives to fight! He cannot be killed, he will never stop. Total destruction is his goal, inevitable victory is in his grasp! In his wake lies the charred, barren remnants of past cruel conquests, ahead of him lies – you!

Black Falcon, the Undead Warlord of Doom, joins the ULTIMATES! World with this made-to-order 7-inch scale fully articulated ULTIMATES! Figure. gang of the most villainous vile vermin, and Black Falcon is one of… The Worst! Black Falcon returns to defile the world of the living with multiple interchangeable heads & hands and a variety of accessories.

Accessories include:
3x interchangeable heads
9x interchangeable hands
1x Cloak (Soft goods)
1x Shield
1x Sword
1x Spear
1x Medallion with metal chain
1x Falcon boomerant
1x Thermos mug with lid
1x Lunch Bag

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