Banzai-Tron Transformers Ultimates (Wave 1) by Super7


July 2022
Price: £ 55.99
£ 0.01 each

This master of Crystalocution will dismantle you in seconds then sell off your scraps! Based on the original Action Master figure from the ‘90s, Banzai-Tron comes with his Action Master partner, Razor-Sharp and Photon Neutralizer, that combine to form his massive Semi-Automatic Gun! This 7" highly-articulated deluxe action figure is made-to-order and includes a variety of interchangeable parts. Banzai-Tron will come with: 

  • 1 Fully-Articulated Body
  • Razor-Sharp
  • Photon Neutralizer
  • 2 Fists
  • 2 Gripping Hands
  • 1 Martial Arts Hand
  • 1 Open Hand

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