Axel Stone (Streets of Rage 4) by Storm Collectibles

Price: £ 86.99
Categories: TV/Movies/Game  
£ 86.99 each


The figure is based off the new smash hit, Streets of Rage 4. The beat 'em up brawler takes place 10 years after the events of the original trilogy. Wood Oak City has been taken over by new management in the form of a crime syndicate that only Axel and his buddies can handle… with their fists!

True to the game, Axel requires some weapons to aid him in his face-pounding mission. Storm Collectibles has recreated the brute force Axel is known for with a plethora of accessories including a knife, boomerang, broken glass bottle, bat, naginata (polearm) and fiery effect for his blitz move uppercut.

3 x Interchanging Head Sculpt
5 x Pairs of hand
2 x Special move Effect
5 x In game weapon

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