Alien 3 Dog Alien 1:18 Action Figure by HiYa Toys


Oct 2021
Price: £ 20.99
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£ 0.01 each

She's faced down the Xenomorph threat twice. But now Ellen Ripley has entered her most threatening environment yet: stranded on a decrepit prison planet with the galaxy's most antisocial criminals as company. She soon discovers that she's not the only survivor of the LV-426 massacre. She's brought an alien with her! Hiya Toys presents its first design from 1992's Alien 3! Designed by Tom Woodruff Jr. and Alec Gillis, the Dog Alien features a more slender, animalistic look that perfectly suits the darker tone of the third film in the Alien series. This 1:18 scale figure stands approximately 4-inches tall and comes with multiple hands as well as a stand for posing.

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